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The Yellow Shirt

Betsy Holleman Burke

I catch sight of your yellow shirt

flapping, then still

in the hot July sun.


For an instant

I almost believe

you are back


a trace of your laugh

on a gust of wind

your faded shirt


your khaki shorts

tossed over the clothes line

hang stiff and gritty


with sand and salt

cast a jagged shadow

over your tackle box


shattered and strewn

across the hot sand

a jumble of


metal lures

knotted line

yellow plastic worms


a red Swiss Army Knife

all rusted

all ruined


There is no smell

only salt

bitter on my tongue


hard to the touch

stiff to pull over

my head as I walk


across the fine

white sand

into the water.

This poem appears in Searching For Hummingbirds, an anthology by Betsy Holleman Burke


Photo Taken by Henry Brown

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