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Chutes & Ladders

Betsy Holleman Burke

Broadway role

dream come true

share small flat

with two

A virus

        show ends

                rent due

                        roommates flew

Bicycle rent

no car here

old people, nice tips

no traffic to fear

Four flights up

        they bitch

                much too slow

                        end of trips

Deli helper

hot chicken soup

bagels, babkas

leave on the stoop

Forgot mask

        order cold

                tip removed

                        owner scolds

City hires

not desirous

all night work

not awake

clean subway

        your own gear

                no contract

                        homeless here

Eyes blur

        back breaks

                cough croupes

                        head aches

New York City, April 2020


Photo Taken by Henry Brown (April '19)

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